Business Impact Assessment Forms

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is designed to help your organisation recover from a disruption in service, either planned or unplanned.

Although infrequent, disasters and emergencies of varying types and severity can occur, often with little or no warning. It is XXETB’s aim that whilst we cannot control when and where such an event occurs that XXETB will aim to manage their ability to maintain operations and the continuance of identified essential functions through effective business continuity planning.


Objectives of the following forms:
The aim of the Business Impact Assement Forms are  to assist the various functions within XXETB, in the compilation of an overall BCP for the ETB and to ensure the reasonably seamless transition from normal operations in the face of a major disruption or disaster.

Business Impact Assessment?

The first steps in working towards an effective business continuity plan is to understand the details of systems, people and data requirements throughout the ETB.

To increase our understanding of the risks/ roles and responsibilities throughout the organisation we are going to commence this process with a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) Questionnaire.

For Further information Click here BIA Draft Template V1.1

Business Impact Forms

1: Business Impact

Form 1

1: Business Impact

Building(s) Information

1: Business Impact

Form 2

2: Essential Processes

Essential Processes

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