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Services That We Provide to Members

ETBI provides a range of services to its membership including:

  • Representing, negotiating and advocating on behalf of member ETBs.
  • Consulting and negotiating at national level on behalf of ETB members with Government Departments, Trade Unions and with a range of other relevant bodies and authorities.
  • Promoting the development and implementation of appropriate education and training policies, procedures and guidance for member ETB.
  • Conducting research, devising and delivering education and training programmes targeted at the general ETB membership.

Education Resources

The Education Research Officer, Valerie Lewis is available to answer queries regarding education policy. Queries can be emailed by using the Contact Form or telephoning ETBI. School/Centre Resources Guidelines and […]

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HR, IR & Legal Support

Welcome to the HR/IR section of the ETBI website. The following menus are available to you to peruse. In the event you may have queries, please contact ETBI – HR and Legal section or Corporate and IR.

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Training Services

ETBI plans, assists and organises various training programmes for various staff cohorts the ETBI sector. It also partners with other bodies at national level and with individual ETBs to assist in the planning and, as appropriate, the delivery of training and professional development within the sector.

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Corporate Services

As the corporate representative body for ETB members’ interests, ETBI negotiates on behalf of the ETB sector at various fora both within the education sector, the wider public service and at EU level.

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