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“Our Presidents and Their Times 1902-2017”

ETBI’s new book on the history of the VECs and ETBs revealed through the prism of the organisation’s Presidents through the years 1902 to 2017 (published 2018).

Contact ETBI to obtain a copy of the book.

A History of the Irish Vocational Education Association 1902-2002

This history traces the development of Irish technical education from the first Mechanics’ Institute in Dublin in 1824, to the first Technical School (Kevin St.) in 1887, the Vocational Schools of the 1930s and the Community Colleges of the 1980s. It also traces the development of the Technological Colleges and the Regional Technical Colleges. The emphasis is on the century 1902 – 2002.

Jim Cooke vividly describes the people who worked for the cause of vocational and technical education – their idealism, vision, leadership, commitment and sense of mission. Through their considerable political skills, they succeeded in forging broadly based alliances in pursuit of their goals. Through their dedication and determination, Ireland became endowed with a statutory system of education that is democratically controlled, multi-denominational, co-educational and highly responsive to local and emerging needs.

A copy of this book can be obtained from ETBI Head Office and the cost is €30 + €8 p&p.

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