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  • ETBs provide the Youthreach education programmes to assist directly some 3,313 early school leavers. Such programmes help to circumvent the disadvantage and disintegration caused by school drop-out and ultimately aim to re-integrate students into mainstream education or the labour force with enhanced skills and improved employment prospects
  • The Back to Education Initiative (BTEI) offers part-time education to 32,066 learners with qualifications less than Leaving Certificate level
  • Community Education meets the education needs of local groups catering to some 53,415 people.
  • ETBs provide Skills for Work (SFW) training to some 3,000 workers with relatively low qualifications; sometimes in the workplace
  • ETBs deliver SkillVEC programmes which provide workplace education and training to health service support staff country-wide. 7,500 staff were trained under the SkillVEC programme in the initial contract
  • ETBs are involved in the provision of adult literacy programmes nationwide catering to some 57,003 – including the provision of English language programmes to 11,017 persons whose first language is other than English
  • ETBs also provide literacy and other skills training to general operative staff working in local authorities

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