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ETBI Annual Conference 2018 – Thursday Morning

Session 1: Apprenticeships & Traineeships in 2018: pathways that value the range of human differences

Tara O'Halloran

Tara O'Halloran

Kerry ETB Training Centre & Worldskills Ireland 2014-2017

Presentation: Apprenticeships & Traineeships - World Skills

Document: Apprenticeships and Traineeships in 2018

Ailbhe Lacey, Apprentice Plumber

David Tracey

David Tracey Joinery/Training Centre Manager

John Sisk & Son Ltd,

Dermot Carey

Dermot Carey

Director of Safety & Training

Construction Industry Federation

Session 2: Parallel Sessions (3 separate sessions)

Session A: Who is responsible for Quality in Further Education and Training?

Padraig Walsh

Dr Padraig Walsh


QQI Presentation: to ETBI Conference

Session B: Community National Schools: 10 Years On

Seamus Conboy

Séamus Conboy

Primary Schools Support Officer, ETBI

ETBI Presentation: 10 Years On - 2008 - 2018

Jacinta Regan

Jacinta Regan

Education Officer, NCCA

NCCA-Presentation: ETBI conference

Session C: Strategic Planning in our ETBs

Shelagh Graham

Shelagh Graham

Director of OSD, Limerick & Clare ETB

Presentation: Strategic Plan Presentation

Session 3: Transforming thinking about Learning and Learners: enhancing inclusion in the ETB sector


Gerry MacRuairc

Professor of Education & Head of the School of Education, NUI Galway

Presentation:Transforming thinking about learning and learners: Enhancing inclusion in the ETB sector

Professor Michael Shevlin

Professor Michael Shevlin

Professor of Inclusive Education in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin

Dalton Tattan

Dalton Tattan

Assistant Secretary, Department of Education & Skills

Presentation: Enhancing inclusion in the ETB sector

Niamh Biddulph

Niamh Biddulph

Higher Education programme: ASIAP (Certificate in Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice)

Cllr Patrick Murphy

Cllr Patrick Murphy

Mayor of Cork County & Chairperson of Cork ETB

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